Our studentships cover stipend, fees and research costs for all the students we appoint.

If you are looking for information about our application process and timing, please refer to this webpage:  Application Process | The University of Edinburgh

E4 DTP standard studentships

E4 DTP standard studentships are fully-funded for a minimum of 3.5 years (42 months). They include and cover:

  • Stipend based on the UKRI standard rate, reviewed on an annual basis (currently £18,622 for 2023/2024), paid monthly;

  • Fees (Home Fees or International Fees*);
  • Research Costs to cover expenses needed for the research (e.g. equipment, consumables, fieldwork costs, conference travel and accommodation expenses, specific software). The Research Costs include the standard research costs allocation (RTSGs) plus, in some cases and depending on the project's specific requirements, some Additional Research Costs (ARCs)

The stipend can be extended to up to another 5 months through our two optional schemes (see our Programme Structure), subject to the approval of the E4 DTP Management Board.

NERC's expectation is that the thesis is submitted by the end of the funding (although the maximum submission date will be 4 years from the PhD start date).

All applicants should be aware of the standard living costs in Edinburgh before applying for the programme.

International Applicants and extra costs

Although the University of Edinburgh covers the difference between Home and International fees for international applicants, costs associated with the Visa, the IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge) and the travel can NOT be covered by the E4 DTP.

Applicants are advised to find out about these costs, together with the Visa application procedure, ahead of submitting their application, via our Student Immigration Service.

International Applicants

There are a number of university financial support schemes that students can apply to once on course. Please note that most of them are competitive and have strict eligibility criteria. One should not assume that they will get support via one or the other scheme.

*The University of Edinburgh will cover the difference between Home and International fees for international students
Some of past and current E4 DTP CASE partners
Some of past and current E4 DTP CASE partners

E4 DTP CASE studentships

Some E4 DTP projects include a CASE partner and are therefore called "CASE studentships". A CASE partner is a non-academic organisation within the public, private or third sector which have agreed to support the studentship by:

  • bringing expert advice and supervision throughout the PhD;
  • providing a first-rate, challenging research training experience, within the context of a mutually beneficial research collaboration;
  • contributing to the project budget (by supplementing the Additional Research Costs);
  • offering a placement at their premises to the student of between 3 and 18 months over the whole PhD.

Studying on a CASE project provides an amazing opportunity to see how research can be applied to real-world problems, get a direct experience of the non-academic world along PhD studies and develop connections and network out with academia. They can give access to a wider range of post-PhD employment opportunities.

CASE projects are labelled "Case award" on the list of supervisor-led projects and include a paragraph on CASE studentship at the bottom of the proposal.

You can read more about some CASE studentships experience through our alumni profiles: 

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Ashley Smith | The University of Edinburgh

Geoff Wells | The University of Edinburgh

Hannah Rogers | The University of Edinburgh

Konstantinos Georgoulas | The University of Edinburgh

Alex Priestley | The University of Edinburgh


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