E4 Sick, Maternity/Paternity and Special Leaves

Details of the UKRI-provided sick, maternity/paternity and special leave entitlement

Sick Leave

The UKRI provides sick leave of a maximum of 13 weeks every 12 months, see TGC 8 of the T&Cs: UKRI-021122-TrainingGrantTermsAndConditions.pdf and training grant guide UKRI-021122-TrainingGrantTermsAndConditionsGuidance.pdf. To request sick leave, please contact the E4 DTP Manager as well as your PGR office which will have their own form. 

GeoSciences students will find the GeoSciences form and guidance on sick leave on the GeoSciences PGR Student Hub.

Maternity/Paternity Leave

Please refer to the below relevant guidance which includes all details for each leave.


Special Leave

 In November 2022, the UKRI has added a special leave to their T&Cs for the PhD studentships (see TGC 8.3.1 of the T&Cs: UKRI-021122-TrainingGrantTermsAndConditions.pdf and training grant guide UKRI-021122-TrainingGrantTermsAndConditionsGuidance.pdf)

This new special leave is for short-term time off needed for emergencies (time for dependants) and/or compassionate leave. It will in most cases provide up to 5 days of paid leave, depending on circumstances.

If you would like to apply for Special Leave, please complete the form below and return to the E4 DTP Manager.


Note that if special paid leave is granted, this will be added at the end of the studentship and will extend the funding accordingly. However, the submission deadline will not change unless the total leave is more than 28 days (in this case, an Interruption of study must be processed as well as this form).