E4 Cohort 2019

Students from cohort 2019

Torin Cannings

Study of cyclical growth and demise of Miocene coral reefs in the E. Mediterranean 

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Harry Carstairs

Factors governing nutrients exchange through the Arctic Gateway: An International GEOTRACES study#

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Amber Carter

Integrating climate variability and change into Marine Protected Area (MPA) design:  global analysis with case studies in Madagascar and Mexico

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Elise Gallois

Tundra shrub growth in response to micro-site conditions across multiple spatial scales

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Selena Georgiou

Quantifying the carbon balance of Amazon and Congo peatlands: integrating field data and new satellite observations of CH4 and CO2 

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Ben Harris

The role of phengite in volatile cycling in subduction zones

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Anna Hewett

Mapping inbreeding depression in wild red deer

Sam Hillmann

The ecology of infection and immunity in a wild mouse system

Chris Holdsworth

Tracking industrial scale CO2 mineralisation at the CarbFix2 site, Iceland using a combination of geochemical tracing and reservoir modelling

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Helen Hughes

Mathematical Modelling to Enable Soil Carbon Sequestration Globally

Natalia Jagielska

Illuminating the ‘dark age’ of pterosaur evolution: an exceptional skeleton from the Middle Jurassic of Skye, Scotland 

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Caelinn James

Investigating the genetic architecture of complex traits in Soay sheep 

Rory Leslie

Quantifying rates of CO2 dissolution in U.S. natural CO2 reservoirs through integration of noble gas and 3D reservoir modelling techniques

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Alex McKintosh

Quantifying the effects of development projects on biodiversity conservation in West Africa

Helen Ockenden

Analysing the form, flow and future of Thwaites Glacier, West Antarctica

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Matthew Purslow

Using a new generation of lidar and radar satellites to improve snow in weather and climate models

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Mylene Receveur

Investigating geothermal heat resources of legacy mine workings, why are some mine waters hotter than others?

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Marina Ruiz Sanchez-Oro

Learning to recognize landslides and catastrophic landscape change with deep neural networks

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Omar Saif

Trusts role in conserving biodiversity and reducing conservation conflict: Case in Nepal

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Helena Slater

Education and the future of conservation

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Lizzie Telford

Nitrogen fixation in African savanna ecosystems

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Alex Triccas

The rise of the Mesozoic carbonate factory

Helen Waters

Creating an index of crop-farming traits to assess the biodiversity footprint of foods: what is the biodiversity impact of your breakfast?

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