Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The E4 DTP aims to reflect and promote equality, diversity and inclusion through its diverse community, inclusive activities and fair recruitment process.

The E4 DTP aims to create and promote a safe, inclusive and supporting environment where all staff and students are treated fairly, equally and with dignity and respect so that they can develop to their full potential. We recognise, respect and value the differences that students, staff and partners bring to our doctoral training partnership.

We are committed to supporting the diversity of our applicant pool and recruited cohorts and as such encourage applications from students from diverse backgrounds and/or with protected characteristics. We strive to fight discrimination within our recruitment process and to give equality of opportunity to all our applicants. As such, we have widening participation mechanisms in place to specifically support applications from students who are from an under-represented group who we recognise may have faced additional challenges in their education to this point and who wish to disclose that information within their application (please refer to our application process for further details).

We value applications from students from a wide range of backgrounds and aim to give equality of opportunity to all by supporting applicants who declare that they are part of one of our under-represented groups (see our Widening Participation form as part of our application process). We also value professional experience and do not set a Master’s degree as a condition to apply (although we will take all degrees into consideration).

Within E4, we have compulsory training in place for our selection panel members, supervisors and students on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Unconscious Bias, Consent matters and Tackling harassment. We have regular discussions and exchanges with DTP students on EDI in research and academia workplaces as well as research careers.

The University of Edinburgh provides a wide range of resources on EDI topics for all staff and students. The University also has a number of EDI groups which strive to ensure that everyone is safe, listened to and respected, and promotes many initiatives to support our diverse community. The University of Edinburgh has a zero tolerance stance towards any form of bullying and harassment and has a Dignity and Respect policy to which all staff and student are strongly expected to adhere.

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See below the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion webpages of each of the 8 University of Edinburgh schools who are E4 DTP partners: