E4 Cohort 2023

Students from Cohort 2023

Katie Abson

PhD Project title: Predicting adaptive potential from genomic data and its implications for conservation

Supervisors: Jarrod Hadfield (School of Biological Sciences, Institute of Evolutionary Biology) and Susan Johnston (School of Biological Sciences, Institute of Evolutionary Biology)

Isaac Kwame Badu

PhD Project title: Does  competition with honeybees (Apis mellifera) adversely affect wild pollinator populations?

Supervisors: Gail Jackson (UoE School of GeoSciences), Fiona Highet (Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture), Alexander P Reid (Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture) and Stace Fairhurst (UoE School of GeoSciences)

External Collaborative Partner: Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture

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Aninda Bhattacharya

PhD Project title: Electricity capacity risk assessment and procurement against a background of uncertain climate

Supervisors: Chris Dent (UoE School of Mathematics), Gabriele Hegerl (UoE School of GeoSciences) and Amy Wilson (UoE School of Mathematics) 

External Project Partner: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

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Galen Costomiris

PhD Project title: Muddy Waters, Africa’s uncharted forest ecosystem.

Supervisors: David Harris (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh) and Kyle Dexter (UoE School of GeoSciences)

Alys Daniels-Creasey

PhD Project title: A green gold rush? Natural capital investments and implications for communities in the Scottish uplands

Supervisors: Janet Fisher (UoE School of GeoSciences) and Mark Metzger (UoE School of GeoSciences)

CASE Project Partner: Scottish Land Commission

Christopher Dudley

Rachael Eggleston

PhD Project title: Ecological and population genomics of the British Flora

Supervisors: Pete Hollingsworth (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh) and Alex Twyford (School of Biological SciencesInstitute of Evolutionary Biology)

External Collaborative Partner: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Claudia Elijas Parra

PhD Project title: The dynamics of pyroclastic flows at active volcanoes : high mobility and bulking through substrate entrainment

Supervisors: Eric Breard (UoE School of GeoSciences),  Eliza Calder (UoE School of GeoSciences), Mattia de'Michieli Vitturi (Instituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia) and Samantha Engwell (British geological Survey)

External Collaborative Partners: Instituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia and British geological Survey

Felipe Espinoza

PhD Project title: Assessing and explaining the per-unit effects of non-native plant species

Supervisors: Guillaume Latombe (School of Biological Sciences,  Institute of Ecology and Evolution) and Ally Phillimore (School of Biological Sciences,  Institute of Ecology and Evolution)

Francesca Fehlberg

PhD Project title: The restoration potential of African savannas

Supervisors: Casey Ryan (UoE School of GeoSciences), Lorna Street (UoE School of GeoSciences), Pietro Carpena (Tree AID) and Nick Berry (The Landscapes and Livelihoods Group LLP)

CASE Partner: Tree AID

External Collaborative Partner: The Landscapes and Livelihoods Group LLP

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Annie Gregoire

PhD Project title: Food and dietary trends: social media drivers and consequences for environment and society

Supervisors: Mark Rounsevell (UoE School of GeoSciences) and Peter Alexander (UoE School of GeoSciences

Niamh Gurrin

PhD Project title: Connecting soils and streams: understanding the impact of peatland restoration on catchment scale biogeochemistry

Supervisors: Nicholle Bell (School of Chemistry) and Amy Pickard (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

External Collaborative Partner: Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Gina Henderson

PhD Project title: Evolutionary genomics of immune responses in a wild mammal

Supervisors: Susan Johnston (School of Biological Sciences, Institute of Evolutionary Biology) and Dan Nussey (School of Biological Sciences, Institute of Evolutionary Biology)

Melany Henot

PhD Project title: Sexual conflict in a fly with unusual sex determination

Supervisors: Laura Ross (School of Biological Sciences, Institute of Evolutionary Biology) and Simon Martin (School of Biological Sciences, Institute of Evolutionary Biology)

Elspeth Horrocks

PhD Project title: Understanding micronutrients provision in a changing global food system

Supervisors: Vera Eory (Scotland's Rural College) and Peter Alexander (UoE School of GeoSciences)  

External Collaborative Partner: Scotland's Rural College

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Alice Jones

PhD Project title: Assessing the principal ecological strategies of trees in African woodlands and their implications for ecosystem dynamics and functionality

Supervisors: Kyle Dexter (UoE School of GeoSciences), John Godlee (UoE School of GeoSciences), Claudia Colesie (UoE School of GeoSciences) and Vera de Cauwer (Namibian University of Science and Technology)

CASE Partner: Ongava Research Centre

External Project Partner: Namibian University of Science and Technology

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Behjat Karipayhan

PhD Project title: Advancing hydrogen storage through in-situ wettability characterisation

Supervisors:  Katriona Edlmann (UoE School of GeoSciences), Xianfeng Fan (School of Engineering - Institute For Materials and Processes) and Ali Hassanpouryouzband (UoE School of GeoSciences)  

Adam Manning

PhD Project title: The evolution of dinosaur brains, senses, and intelligence

Supervisors: Steven Brusatte (UoE School of GeoSciences), Lawrence Witmer (Ohio University), Ornella Bertrand (UoE School of GeoSciences) and Mathias Osvath (Lund University)

External Project Partners: Ohio University and Lund University

Samantha Marchbank

PhD project title: Towards a carbon-free future: Using underground storage of hydrogen in porous rocks to enable grid-scale energy storage

Supervisors: Ian Molnar (UoE School of GeoSciences), Niklas Heinemann (UoE School of GeoSciences) and Mark Wilkinson (UoE School of GeoSciences)

Philippe Mongeau

PhD Project title: Controls on precious and critical metal enrichment in VMS deposits of the Caledonian-Appalachian orogen

Supervisors: Steven Hollis (UoE School of GeoSciences), Mark Cooper (Geological Survey of Northern Ireland / Department for the Economy), Stephen Piercey (Memorial University of Newfoundland) and Ian Butler (UoE School of GeoSciences)

CASE Partner: Geological Survey of Northern Ireland / Department for the Economy

External Collaborative Partner: Memorial University of Newfoundland

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Sesilia Niehaus

PhD Project title: Neolithic lake sites, fossil insects and the spread of agriculture

Supervisors: Eva Panagiotakopulu (UoE School of GeoSciences), Amy Bogaard (University of Oxford), Alfy Gathorne-Hardy (UoE School of GeoSciences / GAAFS

External Collaborative Partner: University of Oxford

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Clara Nyqvist

PhD Project title: Stability of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet from radar-sounded englacial structures

Supervisors: Rob Bingham (UoE School of GeoSciences), Sohan Seth (School of Informatics), Andy Hein (UoE School of GeoSciences) and Martin Siegert (UoE School of GeoSciences

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Rowan Paterson

PhD Project title: Using myco-centric techniques to increase tree growth in reforested broadleaf woodlands native to Scotland

Supervisors: Lorna Street (UoE School of GeoSciences), Andy Taylor (James Hutton Institute) and Kyle Dexter (UoE School of GeoSciences)

External Collaborative Partner: James Hutton Institute

Lisa Pilkinton

PhD Project title: Mechanisms and implications of climate-induced shrub expansion in the Arctic

Supervisors: Claudia Colesie (UoE School of GeoSciences), Isla Myers-Smith (University of British Columbia), Kevin Newsham (British Antarctic Survey) and Lorna Street (UoE School of GeoSciences)

External Collaborative Partner: British Antarctic Survey

Jack Andrew Smith

PhD Project title: Tomographic imaging of New Zealand's Southern Alpine Fault to study seismic hazard and earthquake triggering

Supervisors: Andrew Curtis (UoE School of GeoSciences), Karen Lythgoe (UoE School of GeoSciences), Brian Baptie (British geological Survey) and John Townend (University of Victoria, Wellington)

External Collaborative Partners: British geological Survey and University of Victoria (Wellington, New Zealand)

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Sarah Stewart

PhD Project title: Understanding Preservation of Potential Biosignatures by Martian Soils

Supervisors: Valentina Erastova (UoE School of Chemistry), Sean McMahon (UoE School of Physics and Astronomy) and Charles Cockell (UoE School of Physics and Astronomy)

Katherine Taylor

PhD Project title: Heat, drought and fire: Risk from compound extreme weather and climate events

Supervisors: Gabriele Hegerl (UoE School of GeoSciences), Michael Evans (University of Mariland), Andrew Schurer (UoE School of GeoSciences) and Mat Williams (UoE School of GeoSciences)

External Collaborative Partner: University of Mariland

Arthur Taylor

PhD Project title: Networks of influence: how soil microbial communities respond to land use

Supervisors: Thorunn Helgason (School of Biological Sciences, Institute of Evolutionary Biology) and Joe Taylor (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

External Collaborative Partner: Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Eliana Toro Paz

PhD Project title: Sediment mobility in Himalayan rivers recorded by seismic monitoring with implications for flood risk under a changing climate

Supervisors: Hugh Sinclair (UoE School of GeoSciences), Mark Naylor (UoE School of GeoSciences) and Mikael Attal (UoE School of GeoSciences)

External Collaborative Partner: Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Lindsay Young

PhD Project title: The petrogenesis of Virgin Island granitoids: Implications for continental growth on the early Earth

Supervisors: Alan Hastie (UoE School of GeoSciences), Godfrey Fitton (UoE School of GeoSciences), Richard Palin (University of Oxford) and Marc-Alban Millet (Cardiff University)

External Collaborative Partners: University of Oxford and Cardiff University

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