E4 Cohort 2022

Students from Cohort 2022

Ruaridh Alexander

PhD Project title: The origin of biomineralisation: oxygenation, nutrient cycling, and seawater chemistry

Supervisors: Rachel Wood (UoE School of GeoSciences) and Laetitia Pichevin (UoE School of GeoSciences)

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Christina Antoniou

PhD Project title: Controls of climate versus tectonic effects in Pleistocene mixed carbonate-siliciclastic sediments (Polis basin, NW Cyprus)

Supervisors: Alastair Robertson (UoE School of GeoSciences) and Hugh Sinclair (UoE School of GeoSciences)

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Ludwig Baldaszti

PhD Project title: Assessing extinction risk and rarity in plants

Supervisors: Tiina Sarkinen (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh) and Caroline Lehmann (UoE School of GeoSciences and Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh)

External Project Partner: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

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Kaela Connors

PhD Project title: Limiting red and processed meat consumption for the environment and health in Mexico

Supervisors: Peter Alexander (UoE School of GeoSciences)) and Lindsay Jaacks (GAAFS and UoE Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies)

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Cendi Dana

PhD Project title: Developing geochemical vectors to aid the discovery of metamorphosed seafloor Zn-Cu-Au deposits

Supervisors: Steven Hollis (UoE School of GeoSciences), Ian Butler (UoE School of GeoSciences), Florian Fusseis (UoE School of GeoSciences) and Darryl Podmore (Black Raven Mining)

CASE Project Partner: Black Raven Mining

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Grace Doherty

PhD Project title: Evolutionary and ecological consequences of host specialisation in a parasitic plant

Supervisors: Alex Twyford (School of Biological Sciences, Institute of Evolutionary Biology) and Peter Hollingsworth (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh)

External Project Partner: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

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Lizzie Drake

PhD Project title: Variation in ageing rates in the wild 

Supervisors: Hannah Froy (School of Biological Sciences, Institute of Evolutionary Biology) and Dan Nussey (School of Biological Sciences, Institute of Evolutionary Biology),

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Lee Fox

PhD Project title: New approaches to copper production: arsenic capture and solventless extraction

Supervisors: Jason Love (UoE School of Chemistry), Bryne Ngwenya (UoE School of GeoSciences) and Carole Morrison (UoE School of Chemistry)

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Carla Huynh

PhD Project title: The late glacial and Holocene ice history of southernmost South America

Supervisors: Andy Hein (UoE School of GeoSciences), Robert McCulloch (Centro de Investigación en Ecosistemas de la Patagonia | CIEP), Rob Bingham (UoE School of GeoSciences) and Ángel Rodés (SUERC)

External Project Partner: CIEP – Centro de Investigación Económica y PresupuestariaSUERC

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Lokesh Jain

PhD Project title: Will jammed icebergs reduce the sensitivity of the Greenland Ice Sheet to climate change?

Supervisors: Donald Slater (UoE School of GeoSciences), Pete Nienow (UoE School of GeoSciences) and Fiamma Straneo (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)

External Project Partner: Scripps Research

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Frederik Madsen

PhD Project title: Reconciling how the outer core produces geomagnetic jerks and the link with changes in the length of day

Supervisors: Ciaran Beggan (British Geological Survey), Kathy Whaler (UoE School of GeoSciences), William Brown (British Geological Survey) and Richard Holme (University of Liverpool)

External Project Partners:  British Geological SurveyUniversity of Liverpool

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Josie McPherson

PhD Project title: Early-life impacts on animal “personalities” throughout development

Supervisors: Patrick Walsh (School of Biological Sciences, Institute of Evolutionary Biology), Eva Ringler (University of Bern, Switzerland) and Julien Martin (University of Ottawa,Canada)

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Hannah Picton

PhD Project title: The Influence of Climate on the long-term stability of Greenland's Outlet Glaciers

Supervisors: Pete Nienow (UoE School of GeoSciences), Andrew Tedstone (University of Fribourg, Switzerland), Andrew Sole (University of Sheffield) and Dan Goldberg (UoE School of GeoSciences

External Project Partner: University of FribourgUniversity of Sheffield

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Shravan Raghu

PhD Project title: Life in Cold Places: The habitability of ices on Earth and icy moons

Supervisors: Sinead Collins (School of Biological Sciences, Institute of Evolutionary Biology), Seb Hennige (UoE School of GeoSciences), Kevin Scott (St Abbs Marine Station)

CASE Project Partner: St Abbs Marine Station

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Carla Ruiz Gonzalez

PhD Project title: Life at the limits – algal physiology under extreme conditions

Supervisors: Matthew Davey (SAMS) and Charles Cockell (School of Physics and Astronomy, Institute for Condensed Matter Physics and Complex Systems)

External Project Partner: SAMS

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Marta Santos Garcia

PhD Project title: Nitrogen cycling in the changing Arctic Ocean

Supervisors: Raja Ganeshram (UoE School of GeoSciences), Robyn Tuerena (SAMS) and Laetitia Pichevin  (UoE School of GeoSciences

External Project Partner: SAMS

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Lucy Stanfield

PhD Project title: Understanding social, economic, and environmental benefits and trade-offs to support land use change for carbon and biodiversity in Scotland

Supervisors: Marc Metzger (UoE School of GeoSciences), Darren Moseley (Forest Research) and Ed Forrest (Galloway and Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere)

CASE Project Partner: Forest Research

External Project Partner: Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere

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Katia Trevino Cuellar

PhD project title: Diet analyses of Antarctic fur seals to inform ecosystem-based management of South Georgia fisheries

Supervisors: Silvia Perez Espona (UoE Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies), Will Goodall-Copestake (SAMS) and Phil Hollyman (British Antarctic Survey)

External Project Partners: SAMSBritish Antarctic Survey

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Eilidh Vass Payne

PhD Project title: What controls how dehydration reactions affect intermediate-depth earthquakes in subduction zones?

Supervisors: Florian Fusseis (UoE School of GeoSciences) and Ian Butler (UoE School of GeoSciences)

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Yazhini Vinoth Kumar

PhD Project title: Elucidating the Environmental Impact of Nanoplastic

Supervisors: Santiago Romero-Vargas Castrillon (School of Engineering - Institute for Infrastructure and Environment) and Jennifer Garden (UoE School of Chemistry)

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Jakub Wieczorkowski

PhD Project title: From little things, big things grow: biodiversity patterns and extinction risks of grasses and forbs in African savannas

Supervisors: Caroline Lehmann (UoE School of GeoSciences and Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh), Karina Berg (World Wildlife Fund for Nature) and Graham Stone (School of Biological Sciences, Institute of Evolutionary Biology)

External Project Partner: World Wildlife Fund