E4 Studentship details

Details of what the DTP studentships include.


The DTP studentship covers stipend for a minimum of 42 months full-time (84 months part-time), fees (3 years and writing up fees in 4th year) and research costs (standard RTSG of £1,150 per year of funding + Additional Research Costs (ARC) depending on the project's requirements - see below.

UKRI stipend rate (per annum, Sept to Aug):                 

2021/22 £15,609
2022/23 £17,668 (from October 2022)
2023/24 £18,622


Fees will be paid on your behalf directly by the school administering your studentship. If you receive any fees invoice, please let your School PGR Office know and do not pay anything (this includes extension fees which should be covered by the DTP).

RTSG (Research Training and Support Grant)

The standard RTSG is £1,150 per year of funding. £1,150 will be automatically transferred into your RTSG account at the start of each year for the 3 first years. The 4th year RTSG (£575) is kept as a back up and made available on request only and if genuinely needed, at the start of your 4th year.

The RTSG money is most often stored in a personal account in your school. Please follow local processes to claim for your expenses and use this money:

ARC (Additional Research Costs)

Some projects will include research money in addition to the above standard RTSG depending on the budget your supervisor requested when he first submitted the project for advertisement. This lump sum will be added to your RTSG at the start of your PhD and available to use in the same way.

Use your RTSG/ARC by your end of funding

Please note it is a NERC rule that both RTSG and ARC need to be spent before the end of your stipend. Once your stipend has ended, you will not have access to your RTSG account anymore. RTSG money cannot be used to pay for activities which will happen after your funding has ended either.

CASE money

CASE studentships include a CASE partner who contributes to a minimum of £3,500 to the RTSG. This money is held in a separate account, made accessible to the students. As soon as the legal processes are finalised (signature of the CASE agreement with the partner and of the assignation of confidentiality with the student), the DTP manager will get in touch to explain how to use the CASE money. The use of this money is not restricted in time like the NERC money is so you can use it until your graduation (providing the CASE partner agrees).