E4 Cohort 2020

Students from Cohort 2020

Chris Andrews

PhD Project title: Socio-ecological landscape dynamics in the headwaters of the Okavango. CASE partnership with the National Geographic Society

Supervisors: Casey Ryan (UoE, School of GeoSciences), Kai Collins (University of Pretoria, National Geographic Society, Wild Bird Trust) and Kyle Dexter (UoE, School of GeoSciences)

CASE Partner Project: National Geographic Society

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Bart Arendarczyk

PhD Project title: Land based mitigation for climate change: modelling mitigation options and trade-offs

Supervisors: Mark Rounsevell and Peter Alexander (UoE, School of GeoSciences)

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Sophie Baldwin

PhD Project title: The intraplate magmatism conundrum – a role for supercontinent break-up?

Supervisors: Linda Kirstein, Godfrey Fitton, Lara Kalnins  (UoE, School of GeoSciences) and Finn Stuart (SUERC)

External Project Partner: SUERC

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Hannah Bischof

PhD Project title: Future changes in primary productivity in the warming west Antarctic Peninsula region

Supervisors: Dan Goldbetrg, Sian Henley (UoE, School of GeoSciences), Neil Fraser (SAMS) and Matt Mazloff (Scripps Institute of Oceanography)

External Project Partner: SAMS ans Scripps Institute of Oceanography

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Apithanny Bourne

PhD Project title: Using unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor pollinator assemblages

Supervisors: Caroline Nichol (UoE, School of GeoSciences), Lorna Cole (SRUC) and Gail Jackson (UoE, School of GeoSciences)

External Project Partner: SRUC

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Maureen Cohen

PhD Project title: Using a global 3-D planetary model to study the atmosphere of the early Earth as an analogue for Earth-like exoplanets

Supervisors: Massimo Bollasina (UoE, School of GeoSciences), Giovanna Tinetti (University College London) and Paul Palmer (UoE, School of GeoSciences)

External Project Partner: University College London

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Agata Delnicka

PhD Project title: The dynamics of infection, coinfection and transmission in a complex multi-host – multi-vector – multi-pathogen community

Supervisors: Amy Pedersen (UoE, School of Biological Sciences) and Andy Fenton (University of Liverpool)

External Project Partner: University of Liverpool

Tom Easton

PhD Project title: Tackling microplastics pollution by advanced oxidation processes

Supervisors: Efthalia Chatzisymeon and Paolo Perona (UoE, School of Engineering)

Joe Everest

PhD Project title: Understanding Arctic greening across scales

Supervisors: Isla Myers-Smith (UoE, School of GeoSciences) and Jeffrey Kerby (Aarhus University)

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Marthe Faber

PhD Project title: Imaging Earth’s Interior with Seismic Interferometry & Machine Learning

Supervisors: Andrew Curtis, Ian Main (UoE, School of GeoSciences), Anne Obermann (Swiss Seismological Service, ETH Zurich) and Cedric Schmelzbach (ETH Zurich)

External Project Partner: Swiss Seismological Service, ETH Zurich

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Ben Fisher

PhD Project title: How do climate-driven shifts in phytoplankton communities influence carbon and nitrogen uptake and recycling along the west Antarctic Peninsula?

Supervisors: Sian Henley (UoE, School of GeoSciences),  Alex Poulton (Lyell Centre, Heriot-Watt University), Keith Davidson (SAMS), Michael Meredith (British Antarctic Survey)

External Project Partner: Lyell Centre, Heriot-Watt University; SAMS and British Antarctic Survey

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Elliot Fisher

PhD Project title: Ecology for conservation and livelihoods in Madagascar's savannas

Supervisors: Caroline Lehmann and Sam Staddon (UoE, School of GeoSciences)

CASE Project Partner: feedback Madagascar

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Fiona Greco

PhD Project title: Assessing the impact of environmental change on host responses to infection and disease

Supervisors: Emma Cunningham (UoE, School of Biological Sciences) and Sarah Burthe (CEH)

External Project Partner:  CEH

Chris Hirst

PhD Project title: Assessment of diet, gut microbiome, and plant detoxification in roe deer as a tool for forest management

Supervisors: Silvia Perez-Espona (UoE, Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies) and Richard Ennos  (UoE, School of Biological Sciences)

Anthony Hoskins

PhD Project title: Drainage reorganization in South Baia California, Mexico: using landscapes to reconstruct the history of tectonically complex areas.

Supervisors: Mikael Attal (UoE, School of GeoSciences), Miguel Castillo (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico), Simon Mudd (UoE, School of GeoSciences) and David Saunderson (SUERC)

External Project Partner: Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico and SUERC

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Georgia Lambert

PhD Project title: State-dependent cooperation among parents

Supervisors: Per T. Smiseth and Jenny Regan (UoE, School of Biological Sciences)

Rebecca Lovell

PhD Project title: Thermal sensitivity of UK butterflies in space versus time

Supervisors: Ally Phillimore (UoE, School of Biological Sciences), Nick Isaac (CEH) and Sinead Collins (UoE, School of Biological Sciences)

External Project Partner: CEH

Joe O'Connell-Danes

PhD Project title: Sustainable recovery and recycling of critical metals

Supervisors: Jason Love (UoE School of Chemistry), Bryne Ngwenya (UoE, School of GeoSciences) and Carole Morrison (UoE School of Chemistry)

Amaris Ormond

PhD Project title: Resilience and Acclimation Potential of the Lichen Flora in Temperate Rainforests

Supervisors: Claudia Colesie (UoE, School of GeoSciences) and Christopher Ellis (RBGE)

CASE Project Partner: Scottish Natural Heritage

External Project Partner: Royal Botanice Garden Edinburgh

James Robinson

PhD Project title: Causes and consequences of degradation in the woodlands of Tanzania

Supervisors: Antje Ahrends (RBGE), Casey Ryan (UoE, School of GeoSciences) , Nicole Gross-Camp (Allegheny College) and Dan Brockington (The Sheffield Institute for International Development, University of Sheffield)

External Project Partners: RBGE, Allegheny College and The Sheffield Institute for International Development, University of Sheffield)

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Will Sharkey

PhD Project title: Exploring the contribution of local communities to protected area law enforcement

Supervisors: Aidan Keane (UoE, School of GeoSciences) and E.J. Milner-Gulland (University of Oxford)

External Project Partner: University of Oxford

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Anya Towers

PhD Project title: What determines delivery of coarse sediment to channels and can it be predicted?

Supervisors: Simon Mudd, Mikael Attal (UoE, School of GeoSciences), Roberto Martinez (SEPA) and Fiona Clubb (Durham University)

CASE Project Partner:  SEPA

External Project Partner: Durham University

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Diorbhail Wentworth

PhD Project title: Facilitating the circular economy in India’s food security: the social, economic and agronomic barriers and opportunities of wastewater

Supervisors: Kate Heal, Alfy Gathorne-Hardy (UoE, School of GeoSciences), Priyanka Jamwal (Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology & the Environment (ATREE)) and Hugo Gorringe (UoE School of Political and Social Sciences)

External Project Partner: Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology & the Environment (ATREE)

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Rosie Wood

PhD Project title: Molecular Modelling for Design of Biochar Materials

Supervisors: Valentina Erastova (School of Chemistry) and Ondrej Masek (UoE, School of GeoSciences)