DTP Alumni

Read what our DTP alumni say about their PhD experience and find out what they are doing now.

Environmental controls on tephra layer morphology

Understanding eruption dynamics: insights from volcanic seismicity in Ecuador

Nutrient Cycling in the Arctic and Subarctic Oceans: A Stable Isotope Study

Reconstructing the late-Quaternary glacial history of north-eastern Patagonia (43°S, 71°W): new insights from geomorphology, geochronology and numerical glacier modelling

Using geophysical data to understand liquid water dynamics in seasonal snow

Interactions between ice shelves and phytoplankton blooms in the Amundsen Sea, and their relevance to the Southern Ocean

Model selection in earthquake recurrence relationships: b-value bias in tectonic, volcanic and induced seismological settings

Improving Inversions of Regional Outer Core Surface Flow Models through the Application of Spherical Slepian Functions

The effect of environmental factors on inter-individual differences in Engystomops pustulosus and Xenopus laevis tadpole behaviour

Biodiversity - Ecosystem Function Relationships in Southern African Woodlands

Modelling how corals apply the Goldilocks Principle to engineer their habitat

Making the best of a bad job: effects of state and social context on reproductive decisions in a burying beetle

Improving environmental interventions by understanding social networks

Investigating the internal structure of glaciers and ice sheets using ice penetrating radar